An Office Party is About Celebrating Hard Work but Also Bringing Your Team Together

Happy workers equals happy business! You probably know how important it is to have harmony in the work place and rewarding your team for their effort is essential. Bringing everyone together with tasty office catering will let them know you appreciate their hard work and it will let workers in different departments create bonds.

Team building exercises at a corporate party will let everyone get to know each other better and let off some steam. Here’s some corporate event ideas to get your team interacting while enjoying delicious, unique event catering.

Team Build and Graze

Talk to your office caterers in Sydney to provide you with tasty, themed grazing tables to reward workers after a team building event. Get your employees together for an afternoon of problem solving, fun games and getting to know each other. Knowing they have delicious grazing tables to look forward to at the end will push their problem solving skills into overdrive.

Lunch and Learn

Ongoing education for your employees is of course super important to keep people developing and the company moving forward. Schedule a speaker for your event or enlist the help from someone who has a special skill they’re willing to share. After a tough afternoon concentrating, you can recharge brain cells with hot lunch boxes, canapés or even an all-day breakfast selection. Talk to your event caterer about any dietary requirements.

Activities and Snacks

Too much work and no play will make anyone go on a downer. Think about rewarding your workers with an afternoon of fun activities. This could be a casino games evening, office competition day, outing to a local show or a fun themed party with tasty event catering. Your workers will appreciate the effort you make for them and will want to keep working hard for you!

Offsite Adventure Afternoon

Too much hanging out in the office can start to feel a little stuffy. Talk to your event caterers about having a lunch or dinner catered off-site. Book some time around this to get everyone in the mood with an interactive afternoon. Some ideas are; escape rooms, laser quest, paint balling or even something different like horse riding! After all the excitement, having a sit down catered lunch somewhere will be a welcome reward and time to laugh and joke about the day’s fun.

If you need corporate catering ideas for your team building event, don’t hesitate to talk to the OnePot catering team. They are always on hand to help with planning and executing unusual and exciting events.