Break Down Barriers at Corporate Social Events with a Fun, Unique Party Theme

Organising a corporate social event can take a bit of planning. You’ll want the atmosphere to appear professional but also have a relaxed, friendly vibe that will get people interacting. You might also be working to a budget and have to plan accordingly.

The first thing to consider is; who will be at the event? Is it to impress big bosses or potential business partners or is it more of a well-done party for your office staff? Whoever the party is for, you can still have some fun, but make sure you plan ahead carefully to get the most from your event. Once you’ve decided on your theme you can talk to your corporate caterer in Sydney to design a complimentary menu.

Geographical Theme

This is a great idea to break down any cultural barriers and get to know the background of staff from different areas. Maybe a potential business partner or staff member is from India and you could make them feel welcome with an Indian themed menu and dress code.

Each event you hold could be dedicated to a different ethnic group which will help everyone to integrate and feel welcomed. Your corporate caterer can infuse local delicacies into a menu and provide you with other ideas on how to add uniqueness to your event.

Melbourne Cup Theme

A big event on the Australian calendar, the Melbourne Cup day sees everyone out to celebrate and it’s the ideal time to hold a corporate event. Staff and potential partners alike will love a Melbourne Cup themed event and your corporate event caterers will be able to provide a unique Melbourne Cup menu.

Get the bubbles flowing, encourage everyone to dress up and design some Melbourne Cup party games. You could even get the waiters and bar staff for your event dressed up as jockeys. Entertainment, the Melbourne Cup on big screen and great food and drink will make this theme a winner!

Hollywood Theme

Get the red carpet out and encourage everyone to dress up as a Hollywood starlet of the past or present. This theme of course will create lots of laughter and produce brilliant pictures for the photo albums.

Being such a fun theme means it will help to break down barriers between staff and create a more relaxed atmosphere between bosses and workers. Your event caterer can work with you to create an academy award winning menu and of course champagne will be a must!