Office Lunches Bring Staff Together, Improves Culture, and Boosts Morale

We all love food! Everyone needs to eat and offering corporate catering for your employees might just be that extra pick up your company is looking for. During these extraordinary times creating a positive work environment is so very important.


At One Pot Catering we believe that food should also be a source of pleasure, not just a necessity.


Food brings people together and food helps in creating lasting memories. Providing your office breakfast or lunch can have many other benefits that you might not know about.

Office Lunches Bring Staff Together, Improves Culture, and Boosts Morale

Corporate catering provides an opportunity for employees to come together, socialise, mingle, and maybe even become friends outside of the office! A small gesture like providing free breakfast or lunch for your employees can go a long way to improve office culture and boost employee morale.


Social interaction is incredibly important and while most of an employee’s time is spent at their desk, having office catered lunches will bring people together.

Corporate Catering Improves Productivity and Helps with Time Management

By having catered lunches in the office, employees don’t need to go out for lunch and take extended lunch breaks. Catered lunches will in turn help employees manage their time more effectively by providing a mid-day anchor that other things can be scheduled around. Plus, it helps them save money by not needing to eat out all the time.

Free Meals is an Incentive to Attract, and Retain Top Employees

Speaking of saving money, companies that offer catering for their employees are actually offering a major cost saving. Whether or not the person brings in their own lunch – which also requires time to prep at home – or goes out to eat, office catering is a big perk that people notice. Current employees and future candidates will factor these cost savings into their decision when calculating their total compensation package.


Corporate Catering Can Promote Healthy Eating Habits

Providing free breakfast or lunch to your employees is a great opportunity to show that you care about their health and well-being. Serving well balanced meals is a great alternative to unhealthy snacks. It shows that the company values health and wellness while showcasing a strong company culture.


Corporate Catering Can Help Increase a Company’s Bottom Line

Even if you’re not ready to implement free lunches every day of the week, the occasional office catering can still be beneficial. Whether it’s Monday mornings breakfasts, Friday afternoon lunches, or celebrating a new contract, there are tons of opportunities to show your appreciation for your employees, while benefiting the company’s bottom line.


And don’t forget about the costs associated with turnover. While free lunches won’t guarantee low turnover, it will help you stand out from the competition and promote high retention rates.

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