Catering Ideas for Every Corporate or Office Event

Catering Ideas for Every Corporate or Office Event

We’re well aware of what a corporate event can mean to a company’s image and brand. Every corporate event should reinforce the brand as well as the philosophy and message that the company stands for.

But choosing the right menu and food service can also either enhance your event or detract from it, depending on the nature of the event.

Choosing Your Food Service Based on Your Business Event

We cater to all sorts of different meetings and functions, whether it’s a formal, plated dinner for your board of directors or a fun, ‘thank you for all you’ve done’ cocktail party for your devoted employees.

We have created a myriad of different menus we can use to enhance the type of function or meeting you have planned. We cater morning teas to late night suppers and everything in between giving you the choice of staffed or drop off only services. But choosing the type of food service is important when you’re organising your event.

For a breakfast or lunch meeting where time is short, you will underline a ‘business first’ emphasis to the meeting by having a limited menu and having the food service brought to the table instead of allowing people to browse serving stations as the time ticks away.

Continental breakfast items and a variety of prepared sandwiches and sides for lunch will make it easier to complete your agenda in the time allowed.

Your employees will soon understand that having the meal is secondary to the point of the meeting and you will get much more done.

Catering for Social Corporate and Office Events

When having an event where introductions are more important than any sort of agenda, grazing stations are the most appropriate way to present the food and beverages. Our drop off catering service makes this easy and less formal.

Grazing stations cause people to get up and rub shoulders with each other as they browse the food on offer. It’s a perfect setting for casual business introductions to be made and small talk to be exchanged.

Branding events and product launches are some of the corporate events where this kind of a more relaxed food service will definitely pay dividends down the line.

You can offer more extravagant food items when you’re trying to impress clients, or by doing a little research and finding out what they prefer to eat, you can cater the menu to their tastes by offering their favourite foods.

Themed foods are also an option and will show that you have put some thought into the entire event. Depending on the theme of event, we can design a menu to reflect that theme.

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