Party Catering Ideas to Make Your Party a Hit

Party Catering Ideas to Make Your Party a Hit

We know how nervous people can get when planning a large party or event. There are a million things that could go wrong and it’s tough to decide on what areas you should focus.

Easing people’s fears of the unknown in terms of a large catered event are what we have a vast amount of expertise and experience in doing. We will take care of all your needs when it comes to feeding a large group of party-goers in style and elegance.

We have many ideas to offer that will make your party’s catering easier to manage and more attractive to your guests and advising whether you need planning and staff or just a drop off only service.

Catering for Large Indoor Parties

Having a large party indoors means that you’ll be enclosed within four walls. How you make use of the space available will play a part in determining the success of your party.

The first thing to remember is it’s a party, not a dinner. This gives you a lot of latitude in terms of how the food is presented and consumed. With limited space, stand-up cocktail tables are the way to go. The smaller tables ease your space limitations and also we offer our catering as a drop off service, but it also determines the type of food you should serve.

Smaller tables mean smaller plates, so you should design your menu to feature fewer salads and hot dishes and more finger-type foods. Spreading out your serving stations and having more of them also alleviates people having to wait in a queue for food and provides more time for them to interact with each other.

Catering for Large Outdoor Parties

While having your party in an outdoor environment may mean that space is less of a factor, the same maxim that; ‘it’s a party, not a dinner’, still applies. While you may have plenty of space for full-sized tables, they are really not conducive to mingling, which is the main point of a party.

The menu should still feature more finger foods and fewer foods that require cutlery to eat. This will also encourage your guests to try a wider variety of the food on offer and walk around more, which encourages mingling and engaging with the other guests instead of just sitting at a table.

If you are having a barbecue, the same thing goes. Choose a barbecue menu that features barbecued shrimp, chicken wings, sliders and sausages and save the roast pig and brisket for a dinner event.

For any type of party or event, indoor or outdoor, large and loud or small and intimate, corporate office or wedding, One-Pot Caterers can recommend the perfect menu to complement the occasion in Sydney. Get in touch with us when you’re planning your next party.