If You Got the Bosses to Impress at Your Next Conference, Consider These Delicious Corporate Catering Ideas

If You Got the Bosses to Impress at Your Next Conference, Consider These Delicious Corporate Catering Ideas

Corporate event catering can be a stressful thing to organise, especially if you know the big bosses will be in town. You know you have to impress them with tasty food, fresh drinks, knowledgeable speeches and presentations and maybe even some entertainment at the end?

Phew, it can all get a little overwhelming if you’re the one tasked to set everything up! The good thing is you can enlist the help of expert corporate caterers in Sydney, that’ll get your bosses taste buds dancing around with joy and maybe even step you up the ladder for promotion!

A Themed Buffet

While most people are no stranger to a buffet, how about you ask your event caterer to create a themed buffet selection to up the wow factor. Buffets are great to give guests the freedom to move around and help themselves when they need and interact with a wide variety of people.

You could create a theme for your corporate catering like; Mexican fajitas and sizzlers, a BBQ with a range of roasted meats, Italian style pizzas and pastas or even Asian themed with sushi rolls and noodle dishes for example.

Live Grazing Tables

Grazing table are a super popular trend and a great way to give guests a taste of a range of different food selections. You could opt for a static grazing table with selections of antipasto, cheeses, breads and desserts.

Or, you can up the entertainment factor if you have the budget and have live grazing tables. This means you could have a selection of stations with a chef at each, cooking up fresh plates of food just like in a food market. I’m sure your boss will be impressed with this option and it gives guests a chance to interact with the chef and see how a pro does it!

Canapés and Cocktails

Canapés and cocktails are the staple of any event catering and if you want to add that touch of class, this is a great option to go for. These could be served at the start to wet guest’s appetites and get them in the mood.

Or if your event is shorter and more informal, choosing just canapés and cocktails for your corporate catering might be enough. Talk to your event caterer to exchange ideas and remember you can always mix and match a few types of catering together. For example; maybe canapés and cocktails, teamed with a grazing table a few hours later could be enough for a lunch event.