Follow this Recipe for a Successful Cocktail Party to Impress Friends, Family or Business Associates

Follow this Recipe for a Successful Cocktail Party to Impress Friends, Family or Business Associates

Back in the 60s cocktail parties were all the rage with the parties being centered around hard drinking, questionable finger foods and socialising. They were fast, fun and the place to be seen at. As time has moved on, these types of parties died off slightly, with people opting to go out to bars more and all types of other parties popping up.

They’ve started to make resurgence in the last few years as a way to get together with friends, celebrate a milestone event or entertain business associates. Sometimes businesses will use them to showcase a new product or as a way to get attention for a new venue. Getting a few cocktails and impressive snacks down the necks of potential customers is always going to get you off to a good start! So what is the recipe for a successful cocktail party?

Select Your Guest List Carefully

Your cocktail party can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. If you’re hosting a cocktail party for a business launch, you’re going to want the right faces there to get behind your brand. The same goes if you’re entertaining business associates, you’ll only want team members there you know will say the right things and not just down all the cocktails! For a social cocktail party, just make sure you don’t invite your best friends mortal enemy, or cocktail glasses could go flying!

Create an Eye-Catching, Creative Menu

Your event caterer can work with you to create delicious, stand-out and themed finger foods if you wish. You could opt for Mexican styled mini wraps, burger sliders, Japanese sushi platters and a mix of colourful sweet treats and fruits. Party caterers are experts at designing menus to suit your event and you can work with them to create a personalised menu that will impress guests.

Pre-Plan and Even Pre-Mix Your Cocktails

A good idea is to create a theme and choose one type of cocktail and sub-categories of that cocktail. For example; you could choose champagne cocktails and have four different options, vodka based cocktails or maybe gin or whiskey based cocktails. If you have the funds or a super helpful friend, you could have an onsite cocktail mixer, otherwise mix up big bowls of pre-made cocktails decorated with fruits and even a few flowers?!

Presentation is Everything

Cocktail parties are all about being seen and socialising, so presentation is everything if you want to impress. It doesn’t have to mean you have to spend thousands on ice sculptures and gold rimmed bowls if you don’t have the budget, but just simple things like the crockery you choose and the table decorations will have an impact. You can even ask your event caterer to create some impressive food displays with vibrant colours and unique pairings. If you get the food and cocktails on point, your cocktail party will go off with a bang and you’ll soon be known as the cocktail party pro!