Keeping your office team fed and watered can become costly especially if you have weekly team meetings and regular parties to reward all the hard work. In some companies where food is included in the work day, it’s reported to cost around $10 – $15 dollars per day, per head, which of course adds up depending on the size of the company.

For the next event, you might have decided it’s time to rein in the catering budget and luckily there are loads of options for you to still get great food, with great taste, while keeping within a budget. It’s best to talk with your event caterers to give them an idea of your budget and what style of food you need allowing them to work with you to achieve those goals.

Serve an All Day Breakfast or Brunch

Breakfast and brunch menus are one of the cheapest menus you can get and who doesn’t love a breakfast!? A breakfast platter could mean sandwiches, small egg frittatas, breakfast burritos, fruit trays, yogurts and muesli and of course some tasty pastries. A make your own bagel and juice bar could add in some extra fun and of course some interesting outcomes! Your employees will love an all-day breakfast and these are fun and tasty event catering ideas that will keep costs down.

Choose a Buffet over Individual Lunches

Buffet lunches are definitely the more budget choice over a sit down lunch or boxed lunch. Costing less per head, you can get a huge variety in food options and you can cater easily for food intolerances or dietary restrictions. Keep in mind though, a boxed lunch may be a better option for groups of 10 or less, where food waste may be a problem.

Select Cheaper Cuisines

You’ll probably know by going out to restaurants, that certain cuisines are cheaper than others. The same goes for event catering. Having French, Italian and Japanese cuisine costs more than Chinese, Indian, Thai and Mexican. Also choosing the finest cuts of steak over mincemeat will make a huge difference to the bill. Build a menu around foods that go far like curries with rice and stir fries with noodles etc.

Control the Time of Your Event

Remember time is money and having a set time for the food like two hours instead of four hours will reduce the amount of food you’ll need. Trays of finger foods or a buffet everyone can pick at, then entertainment or moving everyone on to the happy hour at the local pub, will keep your team energised and totally happy with all the delicious snacks you provided. Talk with a professional office caterer in Sydney to work out the logistics and budget of your next corporate event.