Grazing Tables Are a Great Way to Get People Mingling and Can Be Used in Many Ways at Your Event

Grazing Tables Are a Great Way to Get People Mingling and Can Be Used in Many Ways at Your Event

Grazing tables are like the cooler, more stylish relative of the buffet. There are so many options you can choose from including different flavor mixes, styles and varying themes. Pinterest is full of mouthwatering pictures of people’s latest impressive event catering and you can take a look to get inspiration for your next grazing table.

You may just think a grazing table is just like a buffet, but there is so much more that goes into a grazing table. Whatever type of party or celebration you have planned, you can talk with your event caterer in Sydney to work out a mix of grazing tables that will work for you. Let’s take a look at three unique options.

Antipasto Grazing Table – Entrees

A grazing table can be used at any stage of your party catering but a great idea is to have an antipasto grazing table to let people snack on before the main feast. The antipasto grazing table is a mix of delicious mezze boards piled high with cured meats, salami, prosciutto, marinated olives, grilled haloumi, hummus and pesto.

Alongside all this you’ll get grilled veggies, grissini and warm flat breads to dip in the tasty dips. Great to stave off hunger while everyone’s getting to know each other and enjoying a few pre-party cocktails. Grazing tables allow people to nibble and move freely which is great when not everyone knows everyone.

Cheese Grazing Table – After Dinner or Great as Nibbles with Drinks

Corporate catering, wedding catering or any type of event catering will benefit from the addition of a cheese grazing table. This type of grazing table is flexible – it can work at the beginning of an event, in the middle while drinks are being served or even after a main dinner.

If you don’t have a main sit-down dinner, you can opt for a couple of grazing stations like the anti-pasto and cheese grazing table. Or even the cheese grazing table and a dessert grazing table. There is no right or wrong when it comes to grazing tables but they’re great to create a less formal, more social atmosphere and will keep people fueled up when the drinks are flowing.

Dessert Grazing Table – a Sweet Ending!

Dessert grazing tables are usually pretty popular due to the fact most people love a sweet treat. You’ll probably find these are the grazing tables that get finished off the quickest! With One Pot event catering, their dessert grazing tables give each guest four mini desserts each.

These are the perfect way to end any event, and give everyone a little treat to say thanks for joining the event. I’m sure you’ll find nothing but crumbs left at the dessert grazing table!