Terms & Conditions

Delivery Days and Times

Standard delivery hours are between 6:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. Sunday delivery may be available upon request and depending on the order value.


Minimum Order Value

$120 weekday order minimum. For weekend catering our minimum is $300.


Delivery Window

For cold orders, deliveries may arrive up to 90 minutes prior to your requested delivery time. For warm food orders, catering may arrive up to 20 minutes before your requested delivery time.

Please allow a delivery window of 15 minutes to accommodate for loading dock, or Sydney traffic. If we are going to be later than your requested delivery time we will call you prior to arrival to advise you of this.


Order Cut-Off

We require all orders for the following business day by 3:00pm. Please note that orders placed after 3:00pm for delivery the following day may require an altered menu, a later delivery time, and or be unable to complete. We will do our utmost to look after you.



One Pot Catering will honour the pricing provided in a quotation for 30 days. After 30 days One Pot Catering reserves the right to adjust the prices quoted.


Pricing Information

Please note all menu prices exclude GST. The 10% Goods & Services Tax is added to those items that incur GST at time of purchase. One Pot Catering will strive to maintain their prices over the life of our most current catalogue. However, we reserve the right to alter prices without notice.


Confirmation of Your Booking

One Pot Catering will send you an email of your order. This email represents a confirmation of your order, unless the email states that it is a quote. The order will be delivered and prepared as per the details on your email. It is your responsibility to review the details of your order and notify One Pot Catering of any omissions or corrections. An invoice will be raised reflecting the items and prices outlined within this confirmation.


Food Allergies

One Pot Catering can offer a wide variety of specialty diet menu items. These include dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and pork free. While we take the upmost care to accommodate your dietary requirements there can be traces of allergens found within our catering. In the event you or your client has a life-threatening anaphylaxis inducing allergy, we recommend they cater their own meal. Any instances where you or your client suffers loss or illness resulting from nuts or traces of allergens found in our catering, One Pot Catering will not be held liable.


Order Cancellation & Refund Policy

In the event that a confirmed order/event is cancelled, the following cancellation charges will apply

  • Notice of 31 days or more: Full deposit refunded;
  • Notice of 21 to 30 days: 50% deposit retained;
  • Notice of 11 to 20 days: Full deposit retained;
  • Notice of 10 days or less: One Pot Catering reserves the right to full payment of total booking cost.

[In the case that a deposit has not been received, the applicable cancellation fee + $100 administration fee will be charged.]

These cancellation charges compensate for loss of assumed as well as other potential income on the specified date, and other costs incurred including but not limited to produce, labour, scheduling and administration.

Where possible, One Pot Catering will use discretion to minimise cancellation charges and will evaluate on a case-to-case basis according to costs already incurred.

Should One Pot Catering be unable to provide any service due to extenuating and unforeseen circumstances, clients may not make any claim other than a full refund of payment/s made.



Payment can be made by credit card, cheque, or EFT payment.

Our standard payment terms are net 7days, and credit card payments do attract a merchant fee based on the credit card used.

Please note that we typically issue the invoice or charge your credit card on the day of delivery.

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P: 0421 604 921