Catering Ideas for Wedding Receptions

When a couple first starts planning their wedding, the bride has usually been thinking about this day for a long time and will often have her perfect wedding in mind. But the simple reality is that other people will be taking part in the wedding as well.

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That’s why planning your wedding with your guests and family in mind can often lead to a better all-around experience on your big day. Stilted silence while your guests eat a formal dinner isn’t really the sort of celebration you had in mind, is it?

Here are some ideas to consider when planning your wedding that will make the guests feel more comfortable and enjoy the day more.


Formal Dinners are for People Who Know Each Other Well

The key to getting a crowd of people engaged in the moment and enjoying each other’s company is to create an opportunity where they can move around and mingle with each other. It’s that simple.

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Holding a formal dinner should only be an option when most of the guests know each other well. That way you’ll avoid that uncomfortable period when everyone sits down to dinner only to realise that they’ve been assigned to a table where they don’t know many of the people at the table.

With two families who have never met each other before, the formal dinner can be stuffy and uncomfortable. A much better idea would to get them out of their chairs and mingling. Where intimacy is a priority we offer drop off catering services for a less formal feel


An Indoor Wedding Party and Reception

If you’re having an indoor celebration, you want to give the guests plenty of reason to get up, move around and feel that their not stuck with someone they have nothing in common with.

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Having a walk-up bar in the venue can do wonders for breaking the ice at any wedding celebration. But why leave it at just the bar?

By having several serving stations around the room, your celebration will be much livelier and you’ll see people talking with each other about the food when exploring what’s on offer and rubbing shoulders with each other.

We can design any amount of stations you desire. Carving stations, pasta stations, bread stations and dessert stations are just some of the arrangements we can provide and where space is a concern then simply have a drop off only service instead.


Embrace the Outdoors in Sydney

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding celebration, embrace the fact that you’re outdoors. And nothing describes a fun, outdoor event more than a barbecue. A barbecue immediately gives a focus to the celebrations as people gather around to see what’s on the grill. A roasting pig can also give a bit of a ‘wow’ factor to the celebration.

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We are able to highlight the outdoor nature of the event by creating fresh salads and fruit arrangements to complement the meat, fowl and fish on the grill. A barbecue will soon have both sides of the family enjoying themselves and mingling with each other as they sit down at an un-assigned, available table to dig into the feast. Onepot in Sydney have all your corporate office catering, party, wedding and events covered so get in touch to see how we can provide your catering solution.


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