Gold Licence Caterer

Gold Licence Caterer

1. A satisfactory Health Inspection Report: to ensure that we are producing quality, safe food. We take this element extremely seriously.

2. A certificate of currency of workers compensation: to ensure we are properly insured and able to look after our employees should something ever go wrong.

3. A certificate of currency for public and product liability insurance : In other words that we are fully insured for any problems.

4. Food safety program: This outlines how our food is prepared and what logs we keep in order to ensure our food is produced safely. It also ensures that our staff know how to safely produce food. It covers elements of food preparation such as hand washing, heating, cooling and food transport. I am happy to show our food safety plan to anyone who may be interested.

5. Background resume: My resume showing at least 5 years experience in the catering industry as well as my full trade qualifications.

​6. Food safety supervisor certificate: to show that we monitor our food to ensure its safe production

7. A statement explaining how you keep food safe during transport: As most of our catering jobs are off site, food transport is particularly important. One Pot Catering ensures all food is transported safely and remains out of the danger zone.


​If you are considering hiring a caterer for your upcoming event or function, consider Gold Licence caterer One Pot Catering. We would be more than happy to assist. Have a look at our functions below.