Ditch the Boring Buffet! Here’s Some Cool Food Ideas That Will Get Guests Talking

Where once pineapple and cheese on a stick was all the rage, now event caterers have a lot tastier tricks up their sleeves. Alongside creating a flavourful menu, there are a few other things you need to take into consideration.

You need to talk to your event caterer about any dietary needs, the theme of your event and creating your event menu around the season. Choosing foods that are seasonally appropriate will help to keep costs down as certain foods will be abundant at the time.

Creative Catering Ideas

Office catering, wedding catering or corporate catering doesn’t have to be the same old usual sandwiches. Here’s some unusual ideas to get your next event rocking.

  • Cool coffee bar. If you plan on having a morning or afternoon corporate event and need office catering for your team, ditch the table offering lukewarm, terrible tasting coffee with packet creamers and opt for a trendy coffee bar.
  • Tasty food truck. Food trucks are all the rage and seem to be popping up everywhere around office buildings and in local markets. Jump on the trend and wow party goers with your own fleet of food trucks. If you want to cut costs and just have one, make it stand out as a tempting novelty serving dishes like deserts, tacos, popcorn, pancakes or even sushi.
  • Angelic smoothie bowl bar. While we all have probably tried to beat the buffet before, stuffing ourselves silly with fried delights until we feel sick! Many people are becoming more health conscious and a smoothie bowl bar is a great idea that’ll be a bit friendlier on the waist line. Get your event caterer to create unique fruit bowls to reflect your theme and of course have the blender at hand to smooth up some juicy goodness.
  • Breakfast platters. Who says you can’t eat breakfast at 8pm in the evening!? Waffles, mini bacon sandwiches, French pastries, mini scones and freshly baked croissants will be devoured by your guests at any time of the day.
  • Grazing stations. These are like the cool family member of the buffet. You can talk with your event caterer and choose from seafood tables, antipasto selections, sliders, cheese and desert tables and even add in a live cooking station to mix things up.

These are just a few of the million ideas you could have for your next event to make it memorable

Event catering is just a small part of making your party one to remember, but get it right and people will highly anticipate what you have going on next. Talk to OnePot caterers in Sydney for more ideas on how to make your event stand out.