Healthy Catering Ideas to Keep the Office Energised

Choose the Right Office Catering and Your Team will be More Productive and Happy

Corporate catering and office catering events, don’t mean you have to stretch employees belt buckles. While it’s tempting to order all your favourite, high calorie dishes, your Sydney event caterer can work with you to create a nutritionally balanced, tasty menu that will keep your team energised.

Onepot catering offer a range of plated options, buffets, grazing tables and boxed up selections. Special dietary needs can be catered for and menus can be tailored to be healthy and balanced.

Healthy Catering at The Office, at A Corporate Event or for an Office Party

Corporate event catering in Sydney can be carb heavy like sandwiches or pizza. The thing is, everyone loves this stuff but it’s likely to send your employees to sleep! Healthy, nourished bodies mean healthy, nourished minds and this is why opting for a healthy menu for your next event is essential.

One pot Catering have expert chefs that know how to put together balanced meals, without forgoing the flavor. Whether you want grazing tables, platters, sit down meals, lunchboxes or afternoon tea, we can create a unique and healthy menu.

Healthy Fingerfoods

Instead of sugar laden and carb filled cakes, biscuits and sandwiches, why not opt for fresh seafood grazing tables, mini canapés, vegetable sticks with a selection of tasty dips and meat/salad platters. Our gluten free canapé boxes are another deliciously light option, showcasing tasty lamb pies, grilled chicken skewers, spinach and ricotta mini rolls, vegetarian frittatas and mini sausage rolls.

Healthy Buffet

Traditional buffets are notorious for being filled up with cakes, bread, heavy main dishes and a plethora of other heart stopping options. The thing is, people don’t know when to stop when it comes to an unlimited buffet – we’ve all been there!

Opt to fill your buffet table with 80% healthy food and just limited naughty treats. Some ideas are; a huge salad selection, smashed avocado and hummus dips, sourdough warm bread, sushi, free range eggs and spinach, meat selections, quinoa and cous cous and fruit platters.

Healthy Grazing Tables

To keep your staff from making fat-filled choices, minimise the options with strategic grazing tables. Less fat and carbs doesn’t mean less taste though, your Sydney event caterer can create unique, delicious grazing tables to suit you.

Choose from; seafood grazing tables, antipasto grazing tables, cheese grazing tables and paella grazing tables. Special dietary requirements can be catered for meaning if your need; vegetarian, vegan, nut free, gluten free or even low-carb, the team at One Pot catering can make this happen.

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