How to Cater Christmas This Year

Let’s aim to make this Christmas the most vibrant, colourful and enjoyable occasion this year. We all deserve to celebrate Christmas on a grand scale!

Christmas is about enjoying the season with your family and friends. Ditch the cooking, hire us as your caterer and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones. We have great menus this year to help you celebrate in style.

Have the Party at Home

Hopefully by Christmas you’ll be able to invite some family and friends over! If you are having some people over for Christmas. Having the party at home has several benefits since you can style it yourself with your decorations.

You do not have to overspend to entertain or make your Christmas memorable. The key to enjoying this Christmas to the fullest is focusing on items and opportunities that are ideal for the occasion.

What counts the most is the time you have together and the memorable moments you share as family and friends. All you need to do is to ensure every amount you spend during Christmas goes towards something meaningful.

Ask Your Guests to BYO

It seems fun to have all the beers, wines and cocktails. However, buying everything yourself can be very expensive. If you will be having other guests over for Christmas, feel free to ask them to bring their wine, beer, and spirits to share. This also allows you more money to spend on amazing food.

Catering Inspo

Kick off with 2 canapes on Arrival followed by our Celebrate Christmas Buffet or our Celebrate Seafood Buffet – are perfect for family & friends events A great selection of delicious glazed ham, turkey breasts, sides, salads and mince pies – what more could you ask for?

Perfect Roast Chicken

This year we have some great options and you can mix and match to create your perfect menu. Start off with Christmas duck sliders, move onto Turkey Skewers with Cranberry Dipping Sauce, delicious Coffs Harbour prawns, add a salad or two and don’t ever forget dessert! Your options are as many as they are delicious.


Impress your family and hopefully your friends this year with your own customised Christmas menu with our help. Put your feet up or get your dancing shoes on and enjoy Christmas. You deserve it.


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