How to Throw an Epic Grand Opening Party?

So you’ve started your own business, got a new premises, new employees and a business plan that is going to catapult you to success! Phew, opening a business is a busy time and while you’ve probably already got a million things to do, you also need to plan your grand opening party.

This will be a welcome time for you, to let your hair down a little after the whirlwind of madness you’ve been through getting to the opening stage. Alongside this, it will also be a time to stir up some initial buzz about your awesome new biz. But, you do have to organise the details of your grand opening, or get a trusty employee to do it. Here’s some top tips to throw an epic grand opening party.

Write a Guestlist and Send Invites

This is probably one of the most important steps in organising your grand opening. Obviously you want lots of people to attend your event and the right people also. If you’ve started creating excitement around your new biz already, invite all potential customers, any old customers and other industry experts. Even invite a few media influencers and other local business owners.

Create a Buzz Around Your Brand and Grand Opening

Planning your grand opening early is a good idea, so you can build up a buzz about your new business and the party. In your social media posts and email newsletters, drop in an invite or an update on how the party planning is going. Create anticipation by occasionally showing a snippet of what will happen at the event.

Decide on Your Budget and Type of Event

In the planning stages of a new business, cash flow is likely to be tight. Don’t think you have to overspend and get yourself in debt if you just can’t afford it. Get creative and think of a simple but unique theme that will get attention but not cost the earth. Some ideas are; a costume challenge, support a local cause, simple black tie, create a publicity stunt like a flashmob or hold a Guinness World Record at the event.

Employ Expert Event Caterers in Sydney

Food is always important at every event – you need to keep the hungry crowd fueled up! Ask your party caterers to create eye-catching, Instagrammable food tables that will make an impression. Grazing tables, chef display tables and waiting staff dressed up in unique outfits will get people talking. One Pot are the premiere event caterers in Sydney.

Consider Décor, Signage and Entertainment

How you decorate your grand opening will make or break the event. When people walk into the party, consider having a huge feather flag or large sign telling people what will be happening. If your budget allows it, entertainment is always a crowd pleaser and this could be done by; having a singer, an educational talk about your business, workshops or even something quirky like a fun casino. Of course, what you choose should reflect your business and help to boost its reputation.