Minimise Food Wastage and Make Sure Everyone’s Full with These Tips

There are many factors to consider when catering for an event including; dietary requirements, budget, style of food and portion sizes to name a few. You want to make sure the vegetarians and vegans are satisfied, Robert your co-worker who can’t eat nuts is ok and that your Grandma has enough soft food options to choose from now she has her new false teeth! Joking aside, it can be exhausting trying to make everyone happy and portion size is just one thing to consider so you don’t end up with a ton of leftover food or guests that are still hungry!

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Working with an event caterer in Sydney is definitely a recommended option to help lighten the load and guide you in planning your menu. With a caterers expertise and your knowledge of your guests eating habits, you can work together to decide on the right portion sizes that’ll be ideal for your special event. Let’s take a look at some guidelines to help you take the guesswork out of what to order.


Event Catering Portion Guide

Remember you need to take into consideration; the length of event, the type of event and what type of menu you’ll be serving. For example, if you’re having a sit down meal, food portions may need to bigger as the event will be more food-centric. If it’s a more fun, day-time event with food platters, you can allocate less food per person as there’ll be other entertainment to take peoples interest.

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  • Meat like pulled pork, chicken or brisket: 4-5 ounces each person
  • Skewers/kebabs: 2 each
  • Sides like veggies/rice: 4-5 ounces each
  • Fried chicken: 3 pieces each
  • Tacos: 3 each
  • Burritos: 1 each
  • Sushi: 8-10 pieces each


Things to Consider when Catering an Event

  1. Type of event. Seated lunches and presentations will need more food than a board meeting. Events where guests are mingling generally means they’ll eat and drink more.
  2. Length of event. A short presentation will just need snacks and a longer 3 hour meeting will probably mean guests go back for multiple servings.
  3. Type of cuisine. The type of food you choose for your event catering, will greatly impact portion size. Light options like salad/vegetarian will need extra ounces to fill people up and heavier choices like Italian and Chinese will fill people up quickly, meaning you can cut down on extras.

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To assist you in ordering the right amounts for your next party catering, the experienced Onepot Catering team can help you plan your menu every step of the way.


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