Some Tips for Future Brides & Grooms

Organising your wedding is like taking on a second job. It may be time consuming but it’s so worth the effort.
Make sure that you organise a venue and caterers that will ensure that your night is the most memorable ever. Work with your caterer on the menu and make sure it’s what you want. Food is an important part of your special day so make sure that it’s the menu you really want.

Brides if your wedding gown is huge choose a second outfit you can change into for the reception. That’s right have 2 dresses! You need something slinky and gorgeous for the dance floor. Grooms, you can also have a second more comfy ensemble to change into. Let’s be fair here, what’s good for her is great for him!

Hand over your mobile phone which has become that precious thing to us all to one of your trusted friends. I said it and you read it correctly. Give your mobile phone to one of your friends to take photos for you. You will love going through the pics the next day.

Even if you have to downsize your wedding because of restrictions always remember how much you love each other and why in fact you are getting married. Large or intimate it’s your wedding day and there is no other more special occasion.

Another great idea is while you have all closest and dearest to you have a pre-wedding get together, Make the most of the fact that everyone you love is in the one place to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Throw a barbecue the night before and relax while enjoying good food and good company.

Most importantly make sure that all your guests have a drink and are well fed as early as possible! Then do whatever your heart desires and enjoy your special night.

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