Top Tips for Keeping Everyone’s Taste Buds Satisfied at Your Wedding

Planning your wedding catering in Sydney can be a tough task especially if your brother is vegan, your second cousin is allergic to peanuts, your best friend is on a paleo diet and your mum has started a new low carb, dairy free diet! In today’s world we have the luxury of many dietary options – gone are the days of meat and two veg and we couldn’t be happier.

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Organising a menu to suit everyone at your wedding can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be complicated if you opt for simple. Make sure you find out about all your guests dietary requirements ahead of time, ensuring your wedding caterer can make a plan.


Dietary Considerations to Look Out For

– Vegetarian

– Vegan

– Gluten free

– Nut allergies

– Religious beliefs

– Pregnancy

All of these dietary considerations need to be known ahead of time so your wedding caterer can prepare a special menu for each. Nut allergies or any allergies can be serious and will need a menu prepared totally separately.

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Get Information Ahead of Time

A great way to ascertain your guest’s dietary requirements is to have a space on your invite response card for guests to fill out. A simple tick box for; vegan, vegetarian, allergies, religious beliefs or anything else etc., will allow you to know what you’re dealing with ahead of the wedding catering planning.

Consult with Your Wedding Caterer

Make sure you talk with your wedding caterer to find out if they have experience with various dietary requirements. This way you can decide if they have the skills that match what you want for your event catering. They will be able to advise on various menus and ways you can offer food at the wedding, so everyone is happy and you get the best bang for your buck.

Label Food Stations Clearly

If you’re catering to various dietary requirements at your wedding, labeling food stations is essential. A buffet or various food stations is usually the best way to go and each one will need a clear label so everyone knows where to go. A separate station for different dietary needs is also recommended, to eliminate cross-contamination.

If You the Bride and Groom Have Dietary Needs, Think of Yourselves!

Remember – at the end of the day, it’s your once in a lifetime big day. If you the happy couple are vegetarian or gluten free for example, don’t think twice about basing the whole wedding catering around yourselves. It’s totally your choice to serve up a plant based meal, to have Mexican tacos if you want or to go sugar and dairy free if that’s what you prefer! Your guests will be getting a gorgeous and delicious meal for free, so as long as everyone’s basic dietary needs are catered for, the choice is yours on taste, ingredients and theme of food.



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