Unique Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Add Flavour to Your Wedding Day Catering with These Unique Food Station Ideas

Your wedding day will be one of the most epic events in your life and the big day can stretch to 12-16 hours! Wedding catering will need to be topnotch to keep hungry revelers fueled up to party with you down the aisle, through the toasts and into the wee hours!

To keep stomach rumbles at bay, food stations are a great idea and can be in the form of buffets, stations or grazing tables. Food stations are infinitely customisable and can be styled all upmarket relaxed food favourites you remember from growing up.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Food Stations

It’s imperative to talk with your wedding caterers Sydney to discuss the fine details of your big day. Some of the things to take into account are;

  • What size restrictions do you have for your food stations?
  • Will you need help to cook or dish up food at each station?
  • How many guests will need feeding?
  • What is the theme of your wedding day you want showcased through your food?
  • What times will you want food available during the event?

Depending on the type event catering you choose for your wedding day, this will require different amounts of time and preparation. For example; ice-cream, sushi or oysters will need refrigeration and tables that have fresh cooked dishes will need ingredients prepared.

DIY Food Station Ideas for Your Big Day

While your chosen wedding catering team can help you with the main meals, a fun idea is to put together a few simple DIY food stations as a welcome. These can be put together in advance, saving stress on the day and are great ways to get people nibbling and mingling when they arrive.

  • Candy stations. Who can resist the sweet stuff right? Fill big glass jars with your favourites including; marshmallows, lollies, mini meringues, cookies, cakes and many others. You could even provide handy bags for guests to sneakily carry about.
  • Popcorn and pretzel station. These are easy and cheap to set up and great for a light snack to keep guests going until the main food. Provide popcorn buckets and pretzel cups and let guests snack till their hearts content.

Unique Food Stations Created by Your Wedding Caterer

Your wedding caterer can help you set up food stations where guests help themselves and also plan out more interactive stations. These should be planned well in advance so everything goes smoothly.

  • Grazing tables. Cheese grazing tables, sandwich grazing tables, breakfast platters, share plates or barbeques – you name it, your wedding caterer can create a unique grazing table for your wedding day.
  • Cake and desert stations. Mini treats such as macaroons, mini pavlovas, almond and blueberry tarts and lemon meringues – the list goes on for delicious desert options for your big day.
  • Live cooking stations. Impress guests with a live sizzling paella station, Bao bun creative tables or a melt in the mouth honey roast leg of lamb table, freshly carved on the day.
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