Add a Magical Festive Sparkle to Your Upcoming Christmas Wedding with These Ideas

The festive season really is a magical time and if it’s one of your favourite times of year, why not plan your special day of a lifetime around Christmas – your wedding? The beauty of a festive wedding is that it’s perfect for a black tie event, if that’s what suits you and you won’t get a more angelically pure white background for photographs than snow if it falls.

Below we are going to discuss unique tips on how you can plan the perfect Christmas wedding. Although summer weddings are usually more popular, winter weddings do get bookings so ensure you book your chosen venue early, especially as other parties will get held around this time.

Get Planning Early

You might think having a Christmas wedding will not be as busy, but the thing is many venues will get booked for all sorts of other festive events. Make sure you take this into consideration and choose your wedding venue and reception venue well in advance to avoid disappointment. Ensure you confirm nearer the time also, just to check everything is still on track.

Choose Your Colour Scheme

The good thing about having a Christmas venue is that you already have traditional colours to choose from if you want. Adding bold reds next to leafy greens and the sparkling white of the winter wonderland scenery will look truly beautiful. Of course, a few dashes of glistening gold and sparkling silver to match in with the Christmas baubles will really look the part.

Include Holiday Greenery into Your Flower Displays

Snow white lilies matched against the greenery if ivy for example will look stunning. Think about scattering a few pinecones and/or acorns sprinkled with glitter across dining tables for a magical effect and striking decoration.

Hand Out Naughty or Nice Favour bags

It’s customary at wedding receptions to give out small favour bags to say thanks to guests. To add in a little festive fun, you could have a selection of naughty bags and nice bags and ask each guest which they’ve been that year. This will surely cause a little hilarity and be a nice way to end the evening.

Hand Out Bells for People to Ring Instead of Confetti

Everyone knows the song ’’jingle bells’’ and has probably sung it many a time during Christmas carols or at school. A Christmas wedding wouldn’t be complete without a few Christmas favourites, so why not give guests small hand bells they can ring as the bride and groom leave the church instead of confetti. If everyone’s in tune, you might get something that resembles jingle bells!

Speak to Your Wedding Caterers to Get a Festive Food Theme

Choosing great wedding caterers in Sydney is essential to get the right menu for your big day. One Pot Catering are experts at providing catering for all types of events, especially weddings and can provide a tasty, tailored menu for your special day. A Christmas wedding is like no other and we can incorporate a festive theme throughout the menu and cater for any dietary requirements you may have.