Christmas is Fast Approaching, take a Look at These Office Party Ideas to get Everyone in the Festive Spirit

It’s now the start of December and Christmas lights are starting to go up everywhere. But, have you started to think about a Christmas party for your employees yet? It may seem like you have ages, but as we all know, time has a way of slipping away and before you know it, Christmas will be upon us!

Office parties can have a bit of a rep of being boring and a bit of a yawn fest. But, there are lots of ways you can inject a bit of fun into the proceedings including bringing corporate catering experts in to give you a hand. Good food, great entertainment and even a few gifts will let your team know how much you appreciate their hard work and will allow everyone to let their hair down for the evening.

Choose a Theme

If you want to turn an ordinary office party into one to remember, there’s no better way than choosing a theme. Even a small get together will be made more memorable if the big boss turns up as superman or the whole office is wearing masks. There are literally so many ideas for your theme;

  • Choose a popular movie
  • Pick a memorable decade
  • Super heroes and villains
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Pick a few specific colours
  • Tropical Hawaiian
  • Get office workers to dress up in something specific from their home country
  • Wigs and masks

Give Prizes for the Best Outfit

Not everyone in the office will be on board with dressing up, but maybe you can change their mind by offering prizes for the top few best outfits. Winning free stuff is enough to spur most people on. Take a look at your budget and get a few gifts.

  • A tech gadget like a Fitbit, pedometer, earphones etc.
  • Gift cards
  • Paid days off
  • Tickets to a show
  • Fancy chocolates
  • Champagne
  • A hamper

Get an Expert Corporate Catering Team in

The way to most people’s hearts is through their bellies! You can’t beat a great Christmas spread and getting the experts in will help elevate it from boring buffet to delicious, memorable feast. You can choose from a sit down meal, sharing platters or grazing tables.

Have a talk with your local event caterers in Sydney and discuss your theme, time of day the party will be held and any dietary requirements your team has. They can then work with you to produce a tasty menu, which will keep everyone energised through the drinks and well on into the evening.