The Right Food and Drink Pairing is Like Finding Your Perfect Partner — a Match Made in Heaven!

Cheers to the perfect pair! Vegemite on toast, Batman and Robin, Ant and Dec, Beer and nachos – the list goes on for awesome pairings in the world. Concerning the catering for your next event, pairing the right food and drink together can seriously set the mood for guests.

Cocktail parties, wedding receptions, holiday events, birthday parties or corporate events will all have a different vibe to them and choosing the right food and drink is essential. Serious foodies will already know what snacks go with an Italian wine or which cocktail will wash the canapés down in the right way. If you’re not sure yourself, let’s take a look at some awesome food and drink pairings.

Pale Ale and Mac and Cheese

Your event caterer in Sydney will be able to organise a unique menu for your big day. Simple mac and cheese is a tasty, filling idea for an office party, hen party or birthday celebration. Who doesn’t love cheesy pasta right and pairing it with a refreshing pale ale will surely be a crowd pleaser.

Red Wine and Ribs

Mouthwatering beef that literally falls off the bone – you can’t beat it! Ask your event caterer to throw in a few onions, mushrooms and fresh herbs and team it with some steamed vegetables. After tasting this, your guests will literally be drooling and need to wash it all down with a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or Zinfandel.

Sake and Sushi

Sushi stations are a great idea allowing your guests to wonder around a bit more and get to know each other. No strict seating arrangements and eating times, will allow your event to be a bit more social. Create a little bit of entertainment with chef sushi rolling stations and invite guests to get involved. A competition for the best rolled sushi while downing sake shots will surely be hilarious.

Bloody Mary’s and Tacos

Mexican taco stations are always a winner and washing them down with bloody Mary’s will be even more fun. Let guests choose from plates of shredded beef, chicken, sizzling veggies, black beans, an assortment of salads, relish and flour tortillas to wrap it all up in. Talk with your event caterer in Sydney to provide bloody Mary ingredients such as; Worcestershire sauce, lime and lemon, pickles, celery, hot sauce, tomato juice, pepper and of course vodka!